Key English Swedish
app_actions Actions
app_choose_category Choose a category
address.domain_description.domain Choose a domain. Choose a domain for your email.
address.local_part_description.domain Choose a subdomain.
api_error.error_message Error message:
api.query_status.pending In progress
api_not_found Seems like the web-admin tried to query something that doesn't exist.
api.processing The server is processing the action...
api_not_responding The YunoHost API is not responding. Maybe 'yunohost-api' is down or got restarted?
api.query_status.error Unsuccessful
api_error.view_error View error
api_waiting Waiting for the server's response...
api_error.server_said While processing the action the server said:
api_errors_titles.APINotFoundError YunoHost API could not find a route
api_errors_titles.APINotRespondingError YunoHost API is not responding
api_errors_titles.APIConnexionError YunoHost encountered a connection error
api_errors_titles.APIInternalError YunoHost encountered an internal error