Key English Russian
domain.toggle_subdomains Toggle subdomains
group_admins Admins
group_explain_admins This is a special group corresponding to admin users. Users in this group can access YunoHost's webadmin, connect to the server with SSH and use the `sudo` command. They will also receive emails sent to root@, admin@ and admins@, such as the diagnosis notifications. You should only add people you absolutely trust in this group!
label_for_manifestname_help This is the name displayed in the user portal. This can be changed later.
manage_groups Manage groups
placeholder.fullname Sam Smith
postinstall.user.title Create first admin user
postinstall.user.first_user_help This user will be granted admin privileges and will be allowed to connect to this administration interface as well as directly to the server via SSH.
As it is a regular user, you will also be able to connect to the user portal (SSO) with its credentials.
Once the post-installation is complete, you will be able to create other admin users by adding them into the 'admins' group.
human_routes.apps.action_config Run action '{action}' of app '{name}' configuration Install certificate for '{name}' Renew certificate for '{name}'
human_routes.settings.update Update '{panel}' global settings
tools_webadmin.theme Toggle dark mode
tools_yunohost_settings YunoHost settings Link
words.none None
words.separator ,
words.valid Valid
wrong_password_or_username Wrong password or username
mailbox_quota_example 700M is a CD, 4700M is a DVD 700M размер CD-диска, а 4700M – DVD