Key English Russian
api.reconnecting.reason.upgrade_system Connection with the server has been closed due to yunohost upgrade. Waiting for the server to be reachable again…
api.reconnecting.reason.unknown Connection with the server has been closed for unknown reasons.
tools_webadmin.cache_description Consider disabling the cache if you plan on working with the CLI while also navigating in this web-admin.
tools_webadmin.fallback_language Fallback language
postinstall.force Force the post-install
api.reconnecting.failed Looks like the server is not responding. You can try to reconnect again or try to run `systemctl restart yunohost-api` thru ssh.
permission_main Main label
items.groups no groups | group | {c} groups
items.installed_apps no installed apps | installed app | {c} installed apps
items.logs no logs | log | {c} logs
items.permissions no permissions | permission | {c} permissions no services | service | {c} services
items.users no users | user | {c} users
human_routes.apps.perform_action Perform action '{action}' of app '{name}'
postinstall.title Postinstall
human_routes.reconnecting Reconnecting
human_routes.apps.set_default Redirect '{domain}' domain root to '{name}'
retry Retry
items_verbose_items_left There are {items} left. | There is 1 {items} left. | There are {items} left.
items_verbose_count There are {items}. | There is 1 {items}. | There are {items}.