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Key English Russian
human_routes.apps.perform_action Perform action '{action}' of app '{name}'
human_routes.reconnecting Reconnecting
tip_about_user_email Users are created with an associated email address (and XMPP account) with the format username@domain.tld. Additional email aliases and email forwards can later be added by the admin and the user.
tools_webadmin.fallback_language Fallback language
tools_webadmin.cache_description Consider disabling the cache if you plan on working with the CLI while also navigating in this web-admin.
tools_webadmin_settings Web-admin settings
traceback Traceback
unignore Unignore
unknown Unknown
unmaintained Unmaintained
unmaintained_details This app has not been updated for quite a while and the previous maintainer has gone away or does not have time to maintain this app. Feel free to check the app repository to provide your help