Key English Polish
api_errors_titles.APIConnexionError YunoHost encountered a connection error YunoHost napotkał błąd połączenia
api_not_found Seems like the web-admin tried to query something that doesn't exist. Wygląda na to że web-admin zapytał o coś co nie istnieje.
domain_dns_conf_is_just_a_recommendation This page shows you the *recommended* configuration. It does *not* configure the DNS for you. It is your responsibility to configure your DNS zone in your DNS registrar according to this recommendation. Ta strona przedstawia *zalecaną* konfigurację. *Nie* konfiguruje DNS za Ciebie. Do Ciebie należy skonfigurowanie strefy DNS u rejestratora DNS zgodnie z tym zaleceniem.
domain.config.edit Edit domain configuration
domain.config.title Domain configuration
domain.dns.auto_config Automatic DNS records configuration
domain.dns.auto_config_ignored ignored, won't be changed by YunoHost unless you check the overwrite option
domain.dns.auto_config_ok Automatic configuration seems to be OK!
domain.dns.auto_config_zone Current DNS zone
domain.dns.edit Edit DNS configuration The automatic DNS records configuration is an experimental feature. <br>Consider saving your current DNS zone from your DNS registrar's interface before pushing records from here.
domain.dns.manual_config Suggested DNS records for manual configuration
domain.dns.push Push DNS records to registrar
domain.dns.push_force Overwrite existing records
domain.dns.push_force_confirm Are you sure you want to force push all suggested dns records? Be aware that it may overwrite manually or important default records set by you or your registrar.
domain.dns.push_force_warning It looks like some DNS records that YunoHost would have set are already in the registrar configuration. You can use the overwrite option if you know what you are doing.
domain_add_dyndns_doc … and I want a dynamic DNS service.
domain_add_dyndns_forbidden You have already subscribed to a DynDNS domain, you can ask to remove your current DynDNS domain on the forum <a href='//'>in the dedicated thread</a>.
domain_add_panel_with_domain I already have a domain name…
domain_default_desc The default domain is the connection domain where users log in.