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Key English Occitan The automatic DNS records configuration is an experimental feature. <br>Consider saving your current DNS zone from your DNS registrar's interface before pushing records from here.
domain.dns.push_force_confirm Are you sure you want to force push all suggested dns records? Be aware that it may overwrite manually or important default records set by you or your registrar.
domain.dns.push_force_warning It looks like some DNS records that YunoHost would have set are already in the registrar configuration. You can use the overwrite option if you know what you are doing.
domain_dns_push_failed_to_authenticate Failed to authenticate on registrar's API. Most probably the <a href='#/domains/{domain}/config'>credentials</a> are incorrect? (Error: {error})
domain_dns_push_managed_in_parent_domain The automatic DNS records feature is managed in the parent domain <a href='#/domains/{parent_domain}/dns'>{parent_domain}</a>.
domain_dns_push_not_applicable The automatic DNS records feature is not applicable to domain {domain},<br> You should manually configure your DNS records following the <a href=''>documentation</a> and the suggested configuration below.
everything_good Everything okay! Tot es bon !
form_errors.maxValue Value must be a number equal or lesser than {max}.
form_errors.remote {message}
form_errors.pattern {type}
form_errors.invalid_form The form contains some errors.
group_explain_visitors_needed_for_external_client Be careful that you need to keep some applications allowed to visitors if you intend to use them with external clients. For example, this is the case for Nextcloud if you intend to use a synchronization client on your smartphone or desktop computer. Agachatz que certanas aplicacions sián autorizadas pels visitaires se volètz las utilizar amb de clients extèrns. Per exemple, es lo cas per Nextcloud s’avètz idèa d’emplegar un client de sincronizacion pel vòstre smartphone o ordenador de burèu.
items_verbose_count There are {items}. | There is 1 {items}. | There are {items}. I a {items}.
items_verbose_items_left There are {items} left. | There is 1 {items} left. | There are {items} left. Demòran {items}.
label_for_manifestname Label for {name} (name displayed in the user portal) Apelacion per {name}
migrations_disclaimer_not_checked This migration requires you to acknowledge its disclaimer before running it. Aquesta migracion requerís que vos assabentetz de la descarga de responsabilitat abans de l’executar.
placeholder.file Browse a file or drag and drop it
postinstall.title Postinstall
human_routes.apps.change_url Change access URL of '{name}' Modificar l’URL d’accès de  « {name} » Push DNS records to registrar for '{name}'