Key English Occitan
mailbox_quota_example 700M is a CD, 4700M is a DVD 700Mo correspond a un CD, 4700Mo correspond a un DVD
action Action Accion
human_routes.firewall.ports {action} port {port} ({protocol}, {connection}) {action} pòrt {port} ({protocol}, {connection})
human_routes.firewall.upnp {action} UPnP {action} UPnP
add Add Ajustar
user_emailaliases_add Add a mail alias Ajustar un alias d’adreça electronica
user_emailforward_add Add a mail forward Ajustar una adreça de transferiment
group_add_permission Add a permission Ajustar una permission
group_add_member Add a user Ajustar un utilizaire
domain_add Add domain Ajustar un domeni Add domain '{name}' Apondre lo domeni «{name}»
human_routes.groups.add Add '{user}' to group '{name}' Apondre «{user}» al grop «{name}»
administration_password Administration password Senhal d’administracion
all All Totas
all_apps All apps Totas las aplicacions
system_apps_nothing All apps are up to date! Totas las aplicacions son a jorn !
human_routes.permissions.add Allow '{name}' to access '{perm}' Autorizar «{name}» a accedir a «{perm}»
system_packages_nothing All system packages are up to date! Totes los paquets sistèma son a jorn !
group_all_users All users Totes los utilizaires
domain_add_dns_doc … and I have <a href='//' target='_blank'>set my DNS correctly</a>. … e ai <a href='//' target='_blank'>>corrèctament configurat mos DNS</a>.