Key English Occitan
tip_about_user_email Users are created with an associated email address (and XMPP account) with the format username@domain.tld. Additional email aliases and email forwards can later be added by the admin and the user. Los utilizaires son creats amb una adreça e-mails ligada (e un compte XMPP) al format utilizaire@domeni.tld. Las adreças de transferiments suplementàrias pòdon èsser ajustadas ulteriorament per l’administrator e l’utilizaire.
users Users Utilizaires
user_username Username Nom d’utilizaire
user_interface_link User interface Interfàcia utilizaire
hook_data_home_desc User data located in /home/USER Las donadas utilizaires son plaçadas dins /home/USER
hook_conf_ldap User database Annuari dels utilizaires
hook_data_home User data Donadas utilizaires
upnp_enabled UPnP is enabled. L’UPnP es activat.
upnp_disabled UPnP is disabled. L’UPnP es desactivat.
upnp UPnP UPnP
human_routes.upgrade.system Upgrade the system Metre a jorn lo sistèma Upgrade '{app}' app Metre a jorn l’aplicacion «{app}»
system_upgrade_all_packages_btn Upgrade all packages Metre a jorn totes los paquets
human_routes.upgrade.apps Upgrade all apps Metre a jorn totas las aplicacions
system_upgrade_all_applications_btn Upgrade all applications Metre a jorn totas las aplicacions
system_upgrade_btn Upgrade Metre a jorn
human_routes.users.update Update user '{name}' Metre a jorn l’utilizaire «{name}»
users_import_update Update existing users Metre a jorn los utilizaires existents
api.query_status.error Unsuccessful Fracàs