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Key English Occitan
backup_action Backup Salvagardar
backup_content Backup content Contengut de la salvagarda
backup_create Create a backup Crear una salvagarda
backup_new New backup Nòva salvagarda
begin Begin Zo
both Both Los dos
cancel Cancel Anullar
catalog Catalog Catalòg
check Check Verificacion
close Close Tampar
code Code Còdi
common.firstname First name Prenom
common.lastname Last name Nom d’ostal
configuration Configuration Configuracion
confirm_app_change_url Are you sure you want to change the app access URL? Volètz vertadièrament cambiar l’adreça d’accès d’aquesta aplicacion ?
confirm_app_default Are you sure you want to make this app default? Volètz vertadièrament definir aquesta aplicacion coma aplicacion per defaut ?
confirm_change_maindomain Are you sure you want to change the main domain? Volètz vertadièrament cambiar lo domeni màger ?
confirm_delete Are you sure you want to delete {name}? Volètz vertadièrament escafar {name} ?
confirm_firewall_allow Are you sure you want to open port {port} (protocol: {protocol}, connection: {connection}) Volètz vertadièrament dobrir lo pòrt {port} ? (protocòl : {protocol}, connexion : {connection})
confirm_firewall_disallow Are you sure you want to close port {port} (protocol: {protocol}, connection: {connection}) Volètz vertadièrament tampar lo pòrt {port} ? (protocòl : {protocol}, connexion : {connection})