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Key English Occitan
confirm_cert_regen_selfsigned Are you sure you want to regenerate a self-signed certificate for this domain? Volètz vertadièrament tornar generar un certificat auto-signat per aqueste domeni?
confirm_cert_manual_renew_LE Are you sure you want to manually renew the Let's Encrypt certificate for this domain now? Volètz vertadièrament tornar renovelar manualament lo certificat Let’s Encrypt per aqueste domeni?
confirm_cert_revert_to_selfsigned Are you sure you want to revert this domain to a self-signed certificate? Volètz vertadièrament tornar metre un certificat auto-signat per aqueste domeni?
certificate Certificate Certificat
certificate_status Certificate status Estatut del certificat
certificate_authority Certification authority Autoritat de certificacion
validity Validity Validitat
domain_is_eligible_for_ACME This domain seems correctly configured to install a Let's Encrypt certificate! Aqueste domeni sembla corrèctament configurat per installat un certificat Let’s Encrypt!
domain_not_eligible_for_ACME This domain doesn't seem ready for a Let's Encrypt certificate. Please check your DNS configuration and HTTP server reachability. The 'DNS records' and 'Web' section in <a href='#/diagnosis'>the diagnosis page</a> can help you understand what is misconfigured. Aqueste domeni sembla pas prèst per un certificat Let’s Encrypt. Mercés de verificar la configuracion DNS e l’accessibilitat del servidor HTTP. Las seccions «enregistrament DNS» e «Web» de <a href='#/diagnosis'>la pagina de diagnostic</a> pòt vos ajudar a comprendre çò qu’es pas configurat coma cal.
install_letsencrypt_cert Install a Let's Encrypt certificate Installar un certificat Let’s Encrypt
manually_renew_letsencrypt_message Certificate will be automatically renewed during the last 15 days of validity. You can manually renew it if you want to. (Not recommended). Lo certificat serà renovat automaticament pendent los darrièrs 15 jorns de validitat. Podètz lo renovar manualament se volètz. (Pas recomandat).
manually_renew_letsencrypt Manually renew now Tornar renovelar manualament ara
regenerate_selfsigned_cert_message If you want, you can regenerate the self-signed certificate. Se volètz, podètz tornar generar los certificats auto-signats.
regenerate_selfsigned_cert Regenerate self-signed certificate Tornar generar los certificats auto-signats
revert_to_selfsigned_cert_message If you really want to, you can reinstall a self-signed certificate. (Not recommended) S’o volètz vertadièrament, podètz tornar installar lo certificat auto-signat. (Pas recomandat)
revert_to_selfsigned_cert Revert to a self-signed certificate Tornar un certificat auto-signat
purge_user_data_checkbox Purge {name}'s data? (This will remove the content of its home and mail directories.) Purgar las donadas de {name}?(Aquò suprimirà lo contengut dels repertòris home e mail)
purge_user_data_warning Purging user's data is not reversible. Be sure you know what you're doing! Purgar las donadas de l’utilizaire es pas reversible. Asseguratz-vos de saber çò que fasètz!