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Key English Occitan
unauthorized Unauthorized Pas autorizat
unignore Unignore Ignorar pas
uninstall Uninstall Desinstallar
unknown Unknown Desconegut
unmaintained Unmaintained Pas mantenguda
upnp UPnP UPnP
upnp_disabled UPnP is disabled. L’UPnP es desactivat.
upnp_enabled UPnP is enabled. L’UPnP es activat.
user_email Email Corrièl
user_emailaliases Mail aliases Adreças suplementàrias
user_emailaliases_add Add a mail alias Ajustar un alias d’adreça electronica
user_emailforward Mail forward Adreças de transferiment
user_emailforward_add Add a mail forward Ajustar una adreça de transferiment
user_fullname Full name Nom complèt
user_interface_link User interface Interfàcia utilizaire
user_mailbox_quota Mailbox quota Quòta de la bóstia de las letras
user_mailbox_use Mailbox used space Espaci utilizat per la bóstia de las letras
user_username Username Nom d’utilizaire