Key English Occitan
tip_about_user_email Users are created with an associated email address (and XMPP account) with the format username@domain.tld. Additional email aliases and email forwards can later be added by the admin and the user. Los utilizaires son creats amb una adreça e-mails ligada (e un compte XMPP) al format utilizaire@domeni.tld. Las adreças de transferiments suplementàrias pòdon èsser ajustadas ulteriorament per l’administrator e l’utilizaire.
tools Tools Aisinas
tools_adminpw Change administration password Cambiar lo senhal d’administracion
tools_adminpw_current Current password Senhal actual
tools_adminpw_current_placeholder Enter your current password Picatz lo senhal actual
tools_reboot Reboot your server Reaviar lo servidor
tools_reboot_btn Reboot Reaviar
tools_shutdown Shutdown your server Atudar lo servidor
tools_shutdown_btn Shutdown Atudar
tools_shutdown_reboot Shutdown/Reboot Atudar/Reaviar
tools_webadmin.language Language Lenga
tools_webadmin.fallback_language Fallback language Lenga de secors
tools_webadmin.fallback_language_description Language that will be used in case the translation is not available in the main language. La lenga que serà utilizada se per cas la traduccion es pas disponibla dins la lenga principala.
tools_webadmin.cache Cache Cache
tools_webadmin.cache_description Consider disabling the cache if you plan on working with the CLI while also navigating in this web-admin. Pensatz de vos desactivar lo cache se prevesètz de trabalhar amb l’interfàcia en linha de comanda (CLI) tot en navigant dins l’administracion web (web-admin/panel web).
tools_webadmin.experimental Experimental mode Mòde experimental
tools_webadmin.transitions Page transition animations Animacion de transicion entre las paginas
tools_webadmin_settings Web-admin settings Paramètres de l'administracion web
traceback Traceback Traça