Key English Occitan
api.reconnecting.success The server is now reachable! You can try to login Se pòt contactar lo servidor! Podètz ensajar de vos connectar
api_error.error_message Error message: Messatge d’error: You should look for help on <a href="">the forum</a> or <a href="">the chat</a> to fix the situation, or report the bug on <a href="">the bugtracker</a>. Podètz cercar d’ajuda <a href="">al forum</a> o <a href="">al chat</a> per corregir la situacion o senhalar l’error <a href="">al bugtracker</a>. The following information might be useful for the person helping you: Las informacions seguentas pòdon èsser utilas a las persona que vos ajuda:
api_error.server_said While processing the action the server said: Pendent lo tractament de l’accion, lo servidor a dich:
api_error.sorry Really sorry about that. O planhèm plan.
api_error.view_error View error Veire l’error
api_errors_titles.APIError YunoHost encountered an unexpected error YunoHost a rescontrat una error inesperada
api_errors_titles.APIBadRequestError YunoHost encountered an error YunoHost a rescontrat una error
api_errors_titles.APIInternalError YunoHost encountered an internal error YunoHost a rescontrat una error intèrna
api_errors_titles.APINotFoundError YunoHost API could not find a route L’API YunoHost a pas pogut trobar de camin
api_errors_titles.APINotRespondingError YunoHost API is not responding L’API YunoHost respond pas
api_errors_titles.APIConnexionError YunoHost encountered a connection error YunoHost a rescontrat una error de connexion
all_apps All apps Totas las aplicacions
api_not_found Seems like the web-admin tried to query something that doesn't exist. L’administrator a ensajat d'accedir a quicòm qu’existís pas.
api_not_responding The YunoHost API is not responding. Maybe 'yunohost-api' is down or got restarted? L’API respond pas? Benlèu que « yunohost-api » es en pana o es estat reaviat ?
api_waiting Waiting for the server's response... En espèra de la responsa del servidor...
app_actions Actions Accions
app_actions_label Perform actions Executar las accions
app_choose_category Choose a category Causissètz una categoria