Key English Occitan
revert_to_selfsigned_cert_message If you really want to, you can reinstall a self-signed certificate. (Not recommended) S’o volètz vertadièrament, podètz tornar installar lo certificat auto-signat. (Pas recomandat)
revert_to_selfsigned_cert Revert to a self-signed certificate Tornar un certificat auto-signat
purge_user_data_checkbox Purge {name}'s data? (This will remove the content of its home and mail directories.) Purgar las donadas de {name}?(Aquò suprimirà lo contengut dels repertòris home e mail)
purge_user_data_warning Purging user's data is not reversible. Be sure you know what you're doing! Purgar las donadas de l’utilizaire es pas reversible. Asseguratz-vos de saber çò que fasètz!