Key English Occitan
action Action Accion
add Add Ajustar
address.domain_description.domain Choose a domain. Causissètz un domeni. Choose a domain for your email. Causissètz un domeni pel corrièr electronic.
address.local_part_description.domain Choose a subdomain. Causissètz un jos-domeni. Choose a local part for your email. Causissètz una seccion locala pel corrièr electronic.
administration_password Administration password Senhal d’administracion
all All Totas
api.partial_logs [...] (check in history for full logs) [...] (veire l’istoric pels logs complèts)
api.processing The server is processing the action... Lo servidor es a tractar l’accion...
api.query_status.error Unsuccessful Fracàs
api.query_status.pending In progress En cors
api.query_status.success Successfully completed Acabat corrèctament
api.query_status.warning Successfully completed with errors or alerts Acabat corrèctament amb d’error o d’alèrtas
api.reconnecting.title Trying to communicate with the server...
api.reconnecting.failed Looks like the server is not responding. You can try to reconnect again or try to run `systemctl restart yunohost-api` thru ssh.
api.reconnecting.reason.unknown Connection with the server has been closed for unknown reasons.
api.reconnecting.reason.reboot Your server is rebooting and will not be reachable for some time. A login prompt will be available as soon as the server is reachable.
api.reconnecting.reason.shutdown Your server is shutting down and is no longer reachable. Turn it back on and a login prompt will be available as soon as the server is reachable.
api.reconnecting.reason.upgrade_system Connection with the server has been closed due to yunohost upgrade. Waiting for the server to be reachable again…