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mailbox_quota_example 700M is a CD, 4700M is a DVD
human_routes.firewall.ports {action} port {port} ({protocol}, {connection})
human_routes.firewall.upnp {action} UPnP
user_emailaliases_add Add a mail alias
user_emailforward_add Add a mail forward
group_add_permission Add a permission
group_add_member Add a user Add domain '{name}'
human_routes.groups.add Add '{user}' to group '{name}'
group_admins Admins
human_routes.permissions.add Allow '{name}' to access '{perm}'
group_all_users All users
important_yunohost_upgrade A major YunoHost upgrade is available. It is heavily recommended to carefully read the release note(s) on the forum before upgrading : <a href=''>Browse the release notes on the forum</a> Apps installed on domain
logs_app Apps logs
users_import_confirm_destructive Are you sure you want to delete users that are not present in this file? Automatic
group_explain_visitors_needed_for_external_client Be careful that you need to keep some applications allowed to visitors if you intend to use them with external clients. For example, this is the case for Nextcloud if you intend to use a synchronization client on your smartphone or desktop computer.
app_state_broken broken