Key English Dutch
domain.explain.main_domain The main domain is the domain from which users can connect to the portal (via "{domain}/yunohost/sso").<br>Therefore, it is not possible to delete it.<br>If you want to delete "{domain}", you will first have to choose or add another domain and set it as the main domain. Apps installed on domain SSL Certification authority Registrar
domain.see_parent_domain See parent domain
domain.toggle_subdomains Toggle subdomains
domain.types.main_domain Main domain
domain_add_dyndns_forbidden You have already subscribed to a DynDNS domain, you can ask to remove your current DynDNS domain on the forum <a href='//'>in the dedicated thread</a>.
domain_default_longdesc This is your default domain.
domain_delete_forbidden_desc You cannot remove '{domain}' since it's the default domain, you need to choose another domain (or <a href='#/domains/add'>add a new one</a>) and set it as the default domain to be able to remove this one.
domain_delete_longdesc Delete this domain
domain_dns_config DNS configuration
domain_dns_longdesc View DNS configuration
domain_dns_push_failed_to_authenticate Failed to authenticate on registrar's API. Most probably the <a href='#/domains/{domain}/config'>credentials</a> are incorrect? (Error: {error})
domain_dns_push_managed_in_parent_domain The automatic DNS records feature is managed in the parent domain <a href='#/domains/{parent_domain}/dns'>{parent_domain}</a>.
domain_dns_push_not_applicable The automatic DNS records feature is not applicable to domain {domain},<br> You should manually configure your DNS records following the <a href=''>documentation</a> and the suggested configuration below.
enabled Enabled
error_connection_interrupted The server closed the connection instead of answering it. Has nginx or the yunohost-api been restarted or stopped for some reason?
error_server_unexpected Unexpected server error
everything_good Everything okay!