Key English Dutch
select_none Select none
skip Skip
system_upgrade_all_applications_btn Upgrade all applications
system_upgrade_all_packages_btn Upgrade all packages
tools_reboot Reboot your server
tools_reboot_btn Reboot
tools_shutdown Shutdown your server
tools_shutdown_btn Shutdown
tools_shutdown_reboot Shutdown/Reboot
unmaintained Unmaintained
user_mailbox_use Mailbox used space
certificate_alert_not_valid CRITICAL: Current certificate is not valid! HTTPS won't work at all!
certificate_alert_selfsigned WARNING: Current certificate is self-signed. Browsers will display a spooky warning to new visitors!
certificate_alert_letsencrypt_about_to_expire Current certificate is about to expire. It should soon be renewed automatically.
certificate_alert_about_to_expire WARNING: Current certificate is about to expire! It will NOT be renewed automatically!
certificate_alert_good Okay, current certificate looks good!
certificate_alert_great Great! You're using a valid Let's Encrypt certificate!
certificate_alert_unknown Unknown status
certificate_manage Manage SSL certificate
ssl_certificate SSL certificate