Key English Dutch
tools_webadmin.cache Cache
multi_instance Can be installed several times Meerdere instanties
certificate Certificate
certificate_status Certificate status
manually_renew_letsencrypt_message Certificate will be automatically renewed during the last 15 days of validity. You can manually renew it if you want to. (Not recommended).
certificate_authority Certification authority
human_routes.apps.change_url Change access URL of '{name}'
human_routes.adminpw Change admin password
human_routes.apps.change_label Change label of '{prevName}' for '{nextName}'
human_routes.update Check for updates
words.collapse Collapse
api.reconnecting.reason.upgrade_system Connection with the server has been closed due to YunoHost upgrade. Waiting for the server to be reachable again…
api.reconnecting.reason.unknown Connection with the server has been closed for unknown reasons.
tools_webadmin.cache_description Consider disabling the cache if you plan on working with the CLI while also navigating in this web-admin.
logs_context Context
permission_corresponding_url Corresponding URL
ignored {count} ignored
issues {count} issues
warnings {count} warnings
human_routes.backups.create Create a backup