Key English Dutch
human_routes.diagnosis.unignore.warning Unignore a warning
human_routes.diagnosis.unignore.error Unignore an error
unignore Unignore
error_server_unexpected Unexpected server error
form_errors.pattern {type}
api.reconnecting.title Trying to communicate with the server...
traceback Traceback
domain.toggle_subdomains Toggle subdomains
tools_webadmin.theme Toggle dark mode
postinstall.user.first_user_help This user will be granted admin privileges and will be allowed to connect to this administration interface as well as directly to the server via SSH.
As it is a regular user, you will also be able to connect to the user portal (SSO) with its credentials.
Once the post-installation is complete, you will be able to create other admin users by adding them into the 'admins' group.
domain_dns_conf_is_just_a_recommendation This section shows you the *recommended* configuration. It does *not* configure the DNS for you. It is your responsibility to configure your DNS zone in your DNS registrar according to this recommendation. Deze pagina toont de *aanbevolen" inrichting. De pagina richt DNS *niet* voor je in. Je moet zelf de DNS-zones bij je DNS-registratie inrichten volgens deze aanbeveling.
operation_failed_explanation This operation failed! Really sorry about that :( You can try to <a href=''>ask for help</a>. Please provide *the full log* of the operation to the people helping you. You can do so by clicking on the 'Share with Yunopaste' green button. When sharing the logs, YunoHost will automatically attempt to anonymize private data like domain names and IPs.
migrations_disclaimer_not_checked This migration requires you to acknowledge its disclaimer before running it.
domain_default_longdesc This is your default domain.
label_for_manifestname_help This is the name displayed in the user portal. This can be changed later.
group_explain_visitors This is a special group representing anonymous visitors
group_explain_admins This is a special group corresponding to admin users. Users in this group can access YunoHost's webadmin, connect to the server with SSH and use the `sudo` command. They will also receive emails sent to root@, admin@ and admins@, such as the diagnosis notifications. You should only add people you absolutely trust in this group!
group_explain_all_users This is a special group containing all users accounts on the server
app_state_broken_explanation This application is currently broken and not installable according to YunoHost's automatic tests
app_state_highquality_explanation This app is well-integrated with YunoHost since at least a year. Deze applicatie is goed geïntegreerd met Yunohost. Ze werd en wordt beoordeel door de applicatie ploeg van Yunohost. Er kan gesteld worden dat ze veilig werkt en op lange termijn onderhouden zal worden.