Key English Dutch
group_format_name_help You can use alpha-numeric chars and underscore
group_name Group name
group_new New group
group_specific_permissions Individual user permissions
group_visitors Visitors
groups_and_permissions Groups and permissions
groups_and_permissions_manage Manage groups and permissions
history.is_empty Nothing in history for now.
history.last_action Last action:
history.methods.DELETE delete
history.methods.GET read
history.methods.POST create/execute
history.methods.PUT modify
history.title History
hook_conf_manually_modified_files Manually modified configurations
hook_conf_ynh_settings YunoHost configurations
hook_data_xmpp XMPP data
hook_data_xmpp_desc Room and user configurations, file uploads
human_routes.apps.action_config Run action '{action}' of app '{name}' configuration
human_routes.apps.change_label Change label of '{prevName}' for '{nextName}'