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Key English Dutch
error_server_unexpected Unexpected server error
error_connection_interrupted The server closed the connection instead of answering it. Has nginx or the yunohost-api been restarted or stopped for some reason?
everything_good Everything okay!
experimental Experimental
experimental_warning Warning: this feature is experimental and not considered stable, you shouldn't be using it except if you know what you are doing.
footer_version Powered by <a href=''>YunoHost</a> {version} ({repo}).
footer.documentation Documentation Need help?
footer.donate Donate
form_errors.alpha Value must be alphabetical characters only.
form_errors.alphalownum_ Value must be lower-case alphanumeric and underscore characters only.
form_errors.between Value must be between {min} and {max}.
form_errors.domain Invalid domain name: Must be lower-case alphanumeric, dot and dash characters only
form_errors.dynDomain Invalid domain name: Must be lower-case alphanumeric and dash characters only Invalid email: must be alphanumeric and <code>_.-</code> characters only (e.g.,
form_errors.emailForward Invalid email forward: must be alphanumeric and <code>_.-+</code> characters only (e.g.,
form_errors.appRepoUrl YunoHost app repository URLs are expected to look like https://domain.tld/path/to/repo_ynh Names may not includes special characters except <code> ,.'-</code>
form_errors.minValue Value must be a number equal or greater than {min}.
form_errors.maxValue Value must be a number equal or lesser than {max}.