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users_import_csv_file_desc The CSV file should be in UTF-8 and with columns username, password, groups, email and quota. For an example import CSV file, you can <a href='/yunohost/api/users/export' target='_BLANK'>export your users in CSV file</a> and change the file.
users_import_update_desc If checked, all existing users contained in the CSV file will be updated with the new value
users_import_delete_desc If checked, all existing users that are not in the CSV file will be deleted (and purged).
users_import_confirm_destructive Are you sure you want to delete users that are not present in this file?
users_import_delete_others Delete unlisted users
version Version
warnings {count} warnings
words.browse Browse
words.collapse Collapse
yunohost_admin YunoHost Admin
certificate_alert_not_valid CRITICAL: Current certificate is not valid! HTTPS won't work at all!
certificate_alert_selfsigned WARNING: Current certificate is self-signed. Browsers will display a spooky warning to new visitors!
certificate_alert_letsencrypt_about_to_expire Current certificate is about to expire. It should soon be renewed automatically.
certificate_alert_about_to_expire WARNING: Current certificate is about to expire! It will NOT be renewed automatically!
certificate_alert_good Okay, current certificate looks good!
certificate_alert_great Great! You're using a valid Let's Encrypt certificate!
certificate_alert_unknown Unknown status
certificate_manage Manage SSL certificate
ssl_certificate SSL certificate
confirm_cert_install_LE Are you sure you want to install a Let's Encrypt certificate for this domain?