Key English Dutch
mailbox_quota_example 700M is a CD, 4700M is a DVD
human_routes.firewall.ports {action} port {port} ({protocol}, {connection})
human_routes.firewall.upnp {action} UPnP
user_emailaliases_add Add a mail alias
user_emailforward_add Add a mail forward Add domain '{name}'
human_routes.groups.add Add '{user}' to group '{name}'
human_routes.permissions.add Allow '{name}' to access '{perm}'
users_import_confirm_destructive Are you sure you want to delete users that are not present in this file?
words.browse Browse
placeholder.file Browse a file or drag and drop it
tools_webadmin.cache Cache
multi_instance Can be installed several times Meerdere instanties
human_routes.apps.change_url Change access URL of '{name}'
human_routes.adminpw Change admin password
human_routes.apps.change_label Change label of '{prevName}' for '{nextName}'
human_routes.update Check for updates
words.collapse Collapse
api.reconnecting.reason.upgrade_system Connection with the server has been closed due to YunoHost upgrade. Waiting for the server to be reachable again…
api.reconnecting.reason.unknown Connection with the server has been closed for unknown reasons.