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domain_dns_conf_is_just_a_recommendation This page shows you the *recommended* configuration. It does *not* configure the DNS for you. It is your responsibility to configure your DNS zone in your DNS registrar according to this recommendation. Deze pagina toont de *aanbevolen" inrichting. De pagina richt DNS *niet* voor je in. Je moet zelf de DNS-zones bij je DNS-registratie inrichten volgens deze aanbeveling.
good_practices_about_user_password You are now about to define a new user password. The password should be at least 8 characters - though it is good practice to use longer password (i.e. a passphrase) and/or to use various kind of characters (uppercase, lowercase, digits and special characters).
upnp_disabled UPnP is disabled. UPnP is uitgeschakeld.
upnp_enabled UPnP is enabled. UPnP is ingeschakeld.