Key English Dutch
domain_default_longdesc This is your default domain.
domain_delete_longdesc Delete this domain
domain_dns_config DNS configuration
domain_dns_longdesc View DNS configuration
enabled Enabled
error_server_unexpected Unexpected server error
error_connection_interrupted The server closed the connection instead of answering it. Has nginx or the yunohost-api been restarted or stopped for some reason?
experimental_warning Warning: this feature is experimental and not considered stable, you shouldn't be using it except if you know what you are doing.
footer_version Powered by <a href=''>YunoHost</a> {version} ({repo}).
form_input_example Example: {example}
good_practices_about_admin_password You are now about to define a new admin password. The password should be at least 8 characters - though it is good practice to use longer password (i.e. a passphrase) and/or to use various kind of characters (uppercase, lowercase, digits and special characters).
mailbox_quota_description Set a storage size limit for email content.<br>Set to 0 to disable.
mailbox_quota_placeholder Set to 0 to disable.
migrations Migrations
migrations_pending Pending migrations
migrations_done Previous migrations
migrations_no_pending No pending migrations
migrations_no_done No previous migrations
only_working_apps Only working apps
logs Logs