Key English Nepali
group_format_name_help You can use alpha-numeric chars and underscore
group_add_member Add a user
group_add_permission Add a permission
group_new New group
group_explain_all_users This is a special group containing all users accounts on the server
group_explain_visitors This is a special group representing anonymous visitors
group_explain_visitors_needed_for_external_client Be careful that you need to keep some applications allowed to visitors if you intend to use them with external clients. For example, this is the case for Nextcloud if you intend to use a synchronization client on your smartphone or desktop computer.
group_specific_permissions Individual user permissions
groups_and_permissions Groups and permissions
groups_and_permissions_manage Manage groups and permissions
permissions Permissions
home Home
hook_adminjs_group_configuration System configurations
hook_conf_ldap User database
hook_conf_ynh_certs SSL certificates
hook_data_home User data
hook_data_home_desc User data located in /home/USER
hook_data_mail Mail
hook_data_mail_desc Raw emails stored on the server
id ID