Key English Nepali
domain_add_panel_with_domain I already have a domain name…
domain_add_panel_without_domain I don't have a domain name…
domain_default_desc The default domain is the connection domain where users log in.
domain_default_longdesc This is your default domain.
domain_delete_longdesc Delete this domain
domain_dns_config DNS configuration
domain_dns_longdesc View DNS configuration
domain_name Domain name
domain_visit Visit
domain_visit_url Visit {url}
domains Domains
enable Enable
enabled Enabled
error_modify_something You should modify something
error_server_unexpected Unexpected server error
error_connection_interrupted The server closed the connection instead of answering it. Has nginx or the yunohost-api been restarted or stopped for some reason?
everything_good Everything okay!
experimental_warning Warning: this feature is experimental and not considered stable, you shouldn't be using it except if you know what you are doing.
firewall Firewall
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