Key English Nepali
app.installed_version Installed version:
app.open_this_app Open this app
app.antifeatures This app has features you may not like:
app.doc.about.title About
app.doc.about.description Description
app.doc.admin.title Admin doc
app.doc.notifications.dismiss Dismiss
app.doc.notifications.title Notifications
app.doc.notifications.post_upgrade Post-upgrade notes
app.doc.notifications.post_install Post-install notes Search or ask the forum! A problem with this app?
app.install.license License: {license} Post-install notifications for '{name}' It seems that the installation went well!
Here is some notifications that the packager considers important to know.
You can read it again in the app info page.
app.install.notifs.pre.warning Things to know before installation
app.install.notifs.pre.danger The installation of the application will most likely lead to issues
app.install.notifs.pre.critical The application cannot be installed
app.install.problems.arch This app can only be installed on specific architectures ({required}) but your server architecture is {current}.
app.install.problems.broken This application is broken according to YunoHost's automatic tests and it is likely to break your system! You should probably NOT install it unless you know what you are doing.