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Key English Hindi
confirm_upnp_disable Are you sure you want to disable UPnP?
confirm_reboot_action_reboot Are you sure you want to reboot your server?
confirm_reboot_action_shutdown Are you sure you want to shutdown your server?
connection Connection
created_at Created at
custom_app_install Install custom app
delete Delete
description Description
domain_dns_conf_is_just_a_recommendation This page shows you the *recommended* configuration. It does *not* configure the DNS for you. It is your responsibility to configure your DNS zone in your DNS registrar according to this recommendation.
diagnosis Diagnosis
disable Disable
disabled Disabled
dns DNS
domain_add Add domain
domain_add_dns_doc … and I have <a href='//' target='_blank'>set my DNS correctly</a>.
domain_add_dyndns_doc … and I want a dynamic DNS service.
domain_add_panel_with_domain I already have a domain name…
domain_add_panel_without_domain I don't have a domain name…
domain_default_desc The default domain is the connection domain where users log in.
domain_default_longdesc This is your default domain.