Key English Hindi
api_waiting Waiting for the server's response...
app_actions Actions
app_actions_label Perform actions
app_choose_category Choose a category
app_config_panel Config panel
app_config_panel_label Configure this app
app_config_panel_no_panel This application doesn't have any configuration available
app_info_access_desc Groups / users currently allowed to access this app:
app_info_changeurl_desc Change the access URL of this application (domain and/or path).
app_info_change_url_disabled_tooltip This feature hasn't been implemented in this app yet
app_info_default_desc Redirect domain root to this application ({domain}).
app_info_uninstall_desc Remove this application.
app_install_custom_no_manifest No manifest.json file
app_install_parameters Install settings
applications Applications
app_make_default Make default
app_manage_label_and_tiles Manage label and tiles
app_no_actions This application doesn't have any actions
app_show_categories Show categories
app_state_highquality high quality