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Key English Hindi
backup_create Create a backup
backup_new New backup
begin Begin
both Both
cancel Cancel
catalog Catalog
check Check
close Close
code Code
common.firstname First name
common.lastname Last name
configuration Configuration
confirm_app_change_url Are you sure you want to change the app access URL?
confirm_app_default Are you sure you want to make this app default?
confirm_change_maindomain Are you sure you want to change the main domain?
confirm_delete Are you sure you want to delete {name}?
confirm_firewall_allow Are you sure you want to open port {port} (protocol: {protocol}, connection: {connection})
confirm_firewall_disallow Are you sure you want to close port {port} (protocol: {protocol}, connection: {connection})
confirm_group_add_access_permission Are you sure you want to grant {perm} access to {name}? Such access significantly increases the attack surface if {name} happens to be a malicious person. You should only do so if you TRUST this person/group.
confirm_install_custom_app WARNING! Installing 3rd party applications may compromise the integrity and security of your system. You should probably NOT install it unless you know what you are doing. Are you willing to take that risk?