Key English Hindi
app_install_parameters Install settings
app_manage_label_and_tiles Manage label and tiles
app_make_default Make default
app_no_actions This application doesn't have any actions
app_show_categories Show categories
app_state_inprogress not yet working
app_state_inprogress_explanation This maintainer of this app declared that this application is not ready yet for production use. BE CAREFUL!
app_state_notworking not working
app_state_notworking_explanation This maintainer of this app declared it as 'not working'. IT WILL BREAK YOUR SYSTEM!
app_state_lowquality low quality
app_state_lowquality_explanation This app may be functional, but may still contain issues, or is not fully integrated with YunoHost, or it does not respect the good practices.
app_state_highquality high quality
app_state_highquality_explanation This app is well-integrated with YunoHost since at least a year.
app_state_working working
app_state_working_explanation The maintainer of this app declared it as 'working'. It means that it should be functional (c.f. application level) but is not necessarily peer-reviewed, it may still contain issues or is not fully integrated with YunoHost.
applications Applications
archive_empty Empty archive
backup Backup
backup_action Backup
backup_content Backup content