Key English Hindi
action Action कार्रवाई
add Add जोड़े।
address.domain_description.domain Choose a domain. एक डोमेन चुनें Choose a domain for your email. अपने ईमेल के लिए एक डोमेन चुनें।
address.local_part_description.domain Choose a subdomain. एक उपडोमेन चुनें Choose a local part for your email.
administration_password Administration password एडमिनिस्ट्रेटर का पासवर्ड।
all All
api.processing The server is processing the action...
api.query_status.error Unsuccessful
api.query_status.pending In progress
api.query_status.success Successfully completed
api.query_status.warning Successfully completed with errors or alerts
api_error.error_message Error message: You should look for help on <a href="">the forum</a> or <a href="">the chat</a> to fix the situation, or report the bug on <a href="">the bugtracker</a>. The following information might be useful for the person helping you:
api_error.server_said While processing the action the server said:
api_error.sorry Really sorry about that.
api_error.view_error View error
api_errors_titles.APIError YunoHost encountered an unexpected error