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Key English Spanish
everything_good Everything okay! ¡Todo bien!
experimental_warning Warning: this feature is experimental and not considered stable, you shouldn't be using it except if you know what you are doing. Aviso: esta característica es experimental y no se considera estable, no debería usarla salvo que sepa lo que está haciendo.
items_verbose_count There are {items}. | There is 1 {items}. | There are {items}. Hay {items}.
label_for_manifestname Label for {name} (name displayed in the user portal) Etiqueta para {name}
permission_main Main label Permiso principal
unmaintained_details This app has not been updated for quite a while and the previous maintainer has gone away or does not have time to maintain this app. Feel free to check the app repository to provide your help Esta aplicación no se ha actualizado durante bastante tiempo y el responsable anterior se ha ido o no tiene tiempo para mantenerla. No dude en consultar el repositorio de aplicaciones para brindar su ayuda