Key English Czech
confirm_cert_revert_to_selfsigned Are you sure you want to revert this domain to a self-signed certificate?
certificate Certificate
certificate_status Certificate status
certificate_authority Certification authority
validity Validity
domain_is_eligible_for_ACME This domain seems correctly configured to install a Let's Encrypt certificate!
domain_not_eligible_for_ACME This domain doesn't seem ready for a Let's Encrypt certificate. Please check your DNS configuration and HTTP server reachability. The 'DNS records' and 'Web' section in <a href='#/diagnosis'>the diagnosis page</a> can help you understand what is misconfigured.
install_letsencrypt_cert Install a Let's Encrypt certificate
manually_renew_letsencrypt_message Certificate will be automatically renewed during the last 15 days of validity. You can manually renew it if you want to. (Not recommended).
manually_renew_letsencrypt Manually renew now
regenerate_selfsigned_cert_message If you want, you can regenerate the self-signed certificate.
regenerate_selfsigned_cert Regenerate self-signed certificate
revert_to_selfsigned_cert_message If you really want to, you can reinstall a self-signed certificate. (Not recommended)
revert_to_selfsigned_cert Revert to a self-signed certificate
purge_user_data_checkbox Purge {name}'s data? (This will remove the content of its home and mail directories.)
purge_user_data_warning Purging user's data is not reversible. Be sure you know what you're doing!