Key English Catalan
form_errors.emailForward Invalid email forward: must be alphanumeric and <code>_.-+</code> characters only (e.g., no domains | domain | {c} domains
items.groups no groups | group | {c} groups
items.installed_apps no installed apps | installed app | {c} installed apps
items.logs no logs | log | {c} logs no services | service | {c} services
items.users no users | user | {c} users
items_verbose_count There are {items}. | There is 1 {items}. | There are {items}.
mailbox_quota_example 700M is a CD, 4700M is a DVD
migrations_disclaimer_check_message I read and understood this disclaimer
migrations_disclaimer_not_checked This migration requires you to acknowledge its disclaimer before running it.
perform Perform
placeholder.username johndoe
placeholder.firstname John
placeholder.lastname Doe
placeholder.groupname My group name
postinstall_set_domain Set main domain
postinstall_set_password Set administration password
readme Readme