Key English Catalan
postinstall_set_password Set administration password
postinstall.title Postinstall
readme Readme
retry Retry
search.for Search for {items}...
search.not_found There are {items} matching your criteria. | There is 1 {items} matching your criteria. | There are {items} matching your criteria.
text_selection_is_disabled Text selection is disabled. If you want to share this log, please share the *full* log with the 'Share with Yunopaste' button.<br/><small>Or if you really really want to select text, press these keys: ↓↓↑↑.</small>
tools_webadmin.cache Cache
tools_webadmin.cache_description Consider disabling the cache if you plan on working with the CLI while also navigating in this web-admin.
tools_webadmin.experimental Experimental mode
tools_webadmin.experimental_description Gives you access to experimental features. These are considered unstable and may break your system.<br> Enable this only if you know what you are doing.
tools_webadmin.fallback_language Fallback language
tools_webadmin.fallback_language_description Language that will be used in case the translation is not available in the main language.
tools_webadmin.language Language
tools_webadmin_settings Web-admin settings
tools_webadmin.transitions Page transition animations
traceback Traceback
unknown Unknown
user_emailaliases_add Add a mail alias
user_emailforward_add Add a mail forward