Key English Arabic
mailbox_quota_example 700M is a CD, 4700M is a DVD
human_routes.firewall.ports {action} port {port} ({protocol}, {connection})
human_routes.firewall.upnp {action} UPnP
user_emailaliases_add Add a mail alias
user_emailforward_add Add a mail forward
human_routes.groups.add Add '{user}' to group '{name}'
human_routes.permissions.add Allow '{name}' to access '{perm}'
domain_add_dns_doc … and I have <a href='//' target='_blank'>set my DNS correctly</a>. … و قد قُمتُ <a href='//' target='_blank'>بإعداد خدمة أسماء النطاقات بصورة صحيحة</a>.
users_import_confirm_destructive Are you sure you want to delete users that are not present in this file?
domain.dns.push_force_confirm Are you sure you want to force push all suggested dns records? Be aware that it may overwrite manually or important default records set by you or your registrar.
confirm_group_add_access_permission Are you sure you want to grant {perm} access to {name}? Such access significantly increases the attack surface if {name} happens to be a malicious person. You should only do so if you TRUST this person/group.
confirm_install_domain_root Are you sure you want to install this application on '/'? You will not be able to install any other app on {domain} لن يكون بإمكانك تنصيب أي برنامج آخر على {domain}. هل تريد المواصلة ؟
domain.dns.auto_config_ok Automatic configuration seems to be OK!
diagnosis_experimental_disclaimer Be aware that the diagnosis feature is still experimental and being polished, and it may not be fully reliable.
group_explain_visitors_needed_for_external_client Be careful that you need to keep some applications allowed to visitors if you intend to use them with external clients. For example, this is the case for Nextcloud if you intend to use a synchronization client on your smartphone or desktop computer.
placeholder.file Browse a file or drag and drop it
tools_webadmin.cache Cache
human_routes.apps.change_url Change access URL of '{name}'
human_routes.apps.change_label Change label of '{prevName}' for '{nextName}'
api.partial_logs [...] (check in history for full logs)